Each of our harps is made entirely by hand by one maker from start to finish. Because our harps are made to order we know who we are making the harp for and so it becomes a personal thing.  This gives us ownership of the work and a pride in the finished instrument.

We only use solid timber in the construction of our harps except for the bracing inside the sound box where we use multi-layered plywood for strength. Our sound boxes are stave backed; the Student and Columba have a five piece back while our larger harps (Glencoe, Glenelle, Lochaber and Mamore) have a more complex eleven stave back.

The arm is laminated from four pieces of timber glued in an overlap fashion to produce an extremely rigid and strong structure. The base of our harps is an integral part of the sound box; it is fitted with rubber feet and allows the harp to be ‘hooked’ onto our harp stands without the need to be mechanically fixed to it.

The attention to detail is important to us; the shoulder is shaped precisely to match the contours of the sound box and then finally the harp undergoes a stringent quality check before being finished with a hard wearing, yet flexible polyurethane varnish.