Our Approach

Our starting point is wood – the right wood.  We’ve experimented with many different timbers over the years to find just the right materials for our work.  We use sustainably sourced hardwood from specialist suppliers, and work sympathetically with the wood’s natural features to produce instruments that look and sound wonderful.

We make our harps entirely by hand, working from our own designs, combining traditional joinery skills and techniques from the boat-building industry. Techniques drawn from this industry have given us a unique approach to instrument-making resulting in durable, stable and responsive items with the kind of attention to detail that keeps boats water-tight.

Besides tried-and-tested practical skills there’s also a whole load of maths in our instruments.  We’ve designed them to work with our specified strings to achieve the optimum balance of stability, practicality and playing comfort.

By working with professional performers, teachers and students, we’ve been able to design robust soft and hard cases that help your harp withstand being transported.  We’ve looked into the challenge that faces every harp player – how to find a comfortable and practical playing position and we’ve come up with a good answer.

Of course we can’t make everything ourselves (we’d rather focus on making great harps) so we research the market very carefully to bring you the best available choices of accessories from other manufacturers.

You might have guessed that we’re very involved with every aspect of our instruments.  If you want to get really specific or want to know more about our views on them, making, wood, strings and more or if you’re considering a Starfish instrument, then please do get in touch. Or better still, come and visit us.  You can see the workshop, let us know your requirements and meet the people who will actually be making your Starfish!