Harp Stand

Our smaller harp stands raise the harp to allow it to be played while seated on a chair whilst our larger stands facilitate playing standing up.


The stand is not fixed to the harp, instead the front of the harp base simply engages with the rubber coated hooks allowing both harp and stand to be tipped back into the normal playing position.

Rotating the rear hooks over the harp base allows the harp and stand to be lifted as one.

The stand can be quickly ‘flat packed’ into its padded carry bag (included for the three small sizes)

Three different sizes available for playing sitting down and two for playing standing up.

Weight of stand for playing seated: approx. 0.95 kg

Weight of stand for playing standing: approx. 2.4 kg



Harp Stand 135mm, 165mm, 205mm
£168.00 - Send enquiry
(£140.00 ex. VAT)

Harp Stand 430mm, 480mm, 530mm
£180.00 - Send enquiry
(£150.00 ex. VAT)