Pickup System

Many harp players who perform decide at some point that they need to amplify their instrument so we are delighted to offer this pickup system designed specifically for harps by our friends over at Dusty Strings in Seattle.


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The pickup itself is mounted discreetly inside the soundbox and uses four high quality piezo elements placed at careful locations on the back of the soundboard to produce a very clean, focused and true sound. The rich, full bass notes balance and blend with the clear, musical mids and high notes. It’s simply the sound of the harp, only bigger. This pickup works at any volume level without feedback.

There is no on board preamp or colouring of the sound, simply a single jack socket mounted low down on the back of the harp for plug and play ease of use. From there an instrument cable connects it to either an amplifier of your choice or a PA system in larger venues.

The feedback (no pun!) we have been getting from harpists and sound engineers is that it is very easy to set up and gives a superb effortless sound.


Built-in Pickup (fitted at time of construction)
£360.00 - Send enquiry
(£300.00 ex. VAT)

Built-in Pickup (fitted after construction)
£384.00 - Send enquiry
(£320.00 ex. VAT)